Colonial Williamsburg []: As the government seat of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg was the center of culture, government and entertainment until 1780. At this site, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Monroe, James Madison, George Wythe, Peyton Randolph and other foundint fathers mets and discussed the principles of democracy upon which the United States of America was established. Explore Colonial Williamsburg and learn about its role in America's quest for independence. - Independence Day []: offers a great overview of Independence Day, including fun facts on the history of the Fourth of July, classic American recipes, firework safety tips, and virtual visits to sites of historic importance for this holiday.

A Capitol Fourth - America's Independence Day Celebration [] Visit this site to hear what the Fourth of July means to Americans all over the country. Other interesting features include fun facts on patriotic music and an account of past July 4th celebrations, including unique traditions that have developed in communities nationwide.

George Washington's Mount Vernon [] Learn about George Washington, the Commander in Chief during America's Revolutinary War and America's first president, and his life at Mount Vernon. Using the features offered through this site, you can browse digital transcripts of Washinton's papers or take a virtual tour of Mount Vernon.

Library of Congress: Creating the United States [] This is a great site for exploring the documents upon which America was founded: the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The Library of Congress describes this exhibition as a "remarkable opportunity to learn in a fresh new way how the founding documents that emerged from this period were forged out of insight, invention, and creativity, as well as collaboration and much compromise." Visit this site to go on a journey that explores the creation of these historic documents.


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