Subject: Lost or Damaged Materials Last Updated: 12/12/12
Category: Circulation & Information Services Supercedes: 08/03/10


Patrons will be required to pay for materials that are lost while checked out to them.   If the patron pays for the materials and then finds and returns them in good condition, reimbursement may be made for a period of 30 days from the date of payment. Materials that are automatically declared lost by the library's circulation database due to length of time overdue, will be charged to the patron's account along with the accrued overdue fines. Once charged to the account, the cost of any returned materials will not be waived. A minimal fee will be charged for mending or repairing library materials that are returned “not in library condition.”

Patrons are responsible for loss, damage or any alteration to equipment checked out on their library card. This includes but is not limited to changes made to library owned software and/or hardware, alteration of operating systems or stored data. Such loss, damage or alteration will result in damage charges and loss of some or all library privileges.


Library patrons who have lost or damaged materials that have been checked out to them.


To provide an equitable method for replacing lost and damaged materials.