Subject: Inclement Weather/Emergency Policy Last Updated: 03/01/11
Category: Buildings and Grounds Supercedes:


In order to fulfill its mission of public service the Bedford Public Library System will make every reasonable effort to open its facilities to the public as scheduled, consistent with safe access for staff and the public.

During inclement weather sufficient to make travel hazardous or during emergencies, the Library Director, or in his or her absence, the administrative designee may decide to close, delay opening, or close early one or more library facilities. 

  1. Authority to close or alter the operating schedule of an individual facility rests with the facility manager in consultation with the Library Director.
  2. Authority to return the courier van, or other library vehicle when it is already on the road rests with the driver.

  1. All library facilities, vehicles
  2. Full-time and part-time employees
  3. Inclement weather includes but is not limited to snow, ice, flooding
  4. Emergencies such as natural disasters, lack of heating/cooling/plumbing  

  1. Provide for the safe and consistent operations of the library program for the public and employees
  2. Effective communications to staff and the public of necessary schedule changes